Our plans are made to offer activities with full contact with nature, relying on walking to nearby places like beaches, forests, villages on the island and boat tours.

Cebaco Sunrise provides intimate eco tours. The activities offered relying on walking to nearby places like beaches, forests and villages offering opportunities to safely explore the forest, sure to be enjoyed by those who appreciate nature. Plus cultural experiences with arranged visits to local communities on the island.


Snorkel and Fishing outings in the clear blue Pacific waters are crowd pleasers for those who love adventure. Additionally, whales watching (only in season) and full days’ boat tours to nearby islands for observing wildlife and exotic flora.

Not into “tours?” No problem! Feel free to lounge around the compound, play with Cebacos´s Sunrise domestic animals, read on the beach or doze in a hammock. Packages can be combined and made-to-order when possible, as we strive to make our guests happy.

Who can participate in our tours?
People with good health and high spirits, adventurers, nature lovers, and those tired from the stress of life. We recommend at least three days to fully enjoying what Cebaco Sunrise has to offer.

  • Boat Transportation Round Trip (if applicable).
  • Snacks (fruits, 1 sandwich)
  •  All non-alcoholic beverages (water, juices, sodas).
  • Travel Insurance
  • Local Guide
  • Snorkel gear and life jackets

When it comes to clothes, you can pack light for our tropical weather:

  • Light jacket, against rain or splash when riding the boat
  • Hiking shoes
  • Bathing suit or swimsuit
  • Long and baggy trousers for evenings
  • Long-sleeved shirt for nights
  • Flip-flops or sandals for the beach
  • Hat or cap
  • Photos or video camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Flashlight for walking at night along the beach
  • Sunglasses

Other items to pack include your passport, prescription glasses (plus an extra pair of each), lip protector, reading material, and any other personal items you may need (no shops in these remote areas). A cell phone is available in the cabins in case you need to make a call.


Payment for 100% of the total must be made at the latest ten (10) days before the agreed date in which the services of CEBACO SUNRISE are to begin. In all cases, the total cost of the tour must be paid before the tour starts.


Payments may be done in cash, by bank deposit or international Wire transfer if the client is outside the territory of Panama.


In case the client decides to cancel a reservation for reasons unrelated to CEBACO SUNRISE and this takes place between nine (9) days and five (5) days before the agreed date in which the services of CEBACO SUNRISE are to begin, refund of ninety percent (90%) of the amount will be paid. If the cancellation occurs less than fife (5) days before the agreed date in which the services of CEBACO SUNRISE are to begin, no return will be made and CEBACO SUNRISE holds the right to keep the payment.

CEBACO SUNRISE holds the right to cancel the agreed tour at any time, in which case the totality of the payment made by the client for services will be paid back.


Given that CEBACO SUNRISE is in an area of difficult access, where which can only be reached by boat, we have specific restrictions in the quantity of baggage our guests can bring. We allow a maximum of 50 pounds / 22 kilos of luggage per passenger or 300 pounds / 135 kilos per group of six. If a client, for whichever reason, needs to carry baggage beyond this limit, he/she must notify us beforehand. CEBACO SUNRISE holds the right to charge any additional trip to carry this luggage or equipment.


Transport to CEBACO SUNRISE will be done only by boat (*). Up to six guests (plus the captain and sailor) the trip will be done in a single boat. From the seventh guest, we will use two (2) boats.
In case a group of six guests desires to travel in two boats in order to have more space, an additional charge will be made. CEBACO SUNRISE must be notified ten (10) days before the start of the tour to make necessary arrangements.

(*) Boats used by CEBACO SUNRISE are authorized by the manufacturer for transporting six passengers plus the captain and sailor (a total of 8), including baggage space. This guarantees a safe and comfortable trip for our guests.


Anyone contracting tours or services with CEBACO SUNRISE must sign a RELEASE OF LIABILITY before the start of the tour/services. CEBACO SUNRISE will take all reasonable measures necessary to assure its client’s safety, but it cannot guarantee their safety. Guests may participate in walks, expeditions, excursions, treks, hikes and observations of plants and animal life in jungle and/or difficult access settings, as well, visits to island communities, navigation in boats and/or any other activity inherent to the services offered by CEBACO SUNRISE related to adventure tourism, exploration and direct contact with nature, which take place in completely natural settings. Therefore CEBACO SUNRISE cannot control the presence or behavior of animals, birds, the climate, water and weather conditions and others, including third persons during our tours.

For the aforementioned reasons, CEBACO SUNRISE, its board of directors, employees, staff, guides, participants and/or volunteers will not be held responsible for damages, lesions and/or injuries that could occur during activities carried out in tours. Users of our services will assume all risks inherent to adventure, jungle exploration and rural difficult access exploration activities. Guests have the responsibility to behave with due diligence.