The Island

Cebaco Island is located in the province of Veraguas, within the buffer zone of two large protected areas: Coiba National Park and the Gulf of Montijo Wetlands.

Cebaco Island is located in the province of Veraguas , is within the buffer zone of two large protected areas: Coiba National Park and the Gulf of Montijo Wetlands, where grows the sixth part of Panama mangrove forests. Cebaco Island is part of the buffer zone of Coiba Island National Park. The island is over 8000 hectares (19768.2 acres) and it is the third largest island in Panama (after Isla Coiba and Isla del Rey, respectively).theisland

Cebaco Island has abundant fresh water sources, beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines rich in fish, lobster and shellfish. During the months of September and October, sea turtles come to nest on the beaches and humpback whales can be sighted along with their offspring.

Cébaco´s potential is enormous and the general scenario is heavenly as a destination for nature, hiking, camping, surfing, fishing, meditation, among others. The surrounding vegetation is typical of coastal areas: coconut palms, mangroves, beautiful flowers and sea muscles glued to rocks! And there is also a great variety of land and sea birds.

The forested areas of the Island offer refuge to animals like iguanas, a variety of birds, hawks, rabbits, and alligators, among other critters! The north coast, opposite to the Gulf of Montijo , is full of greyish sand, stones and shells with rocky coasts and subtle waves. On the southern coast, beaches like Playa Grande and Punta Caña Brava offer fine-grained white sand and colourful seashells.

Cebaco is characterized by its healthy environment. In general, it is free of tropical diseases such as: leishmaniasis, malaria and yellow fever. Despite its proximity to the mainland, Cebaco is isolated from large population flows and inhibited by simple people, which makes it an optimal place to enjoy a relaxed and quiet lifestyle.



Cebaco Sunrise is committed to improving the quality of life for residents of Platanares. Through the project, two permanent jobs and various indirect jobs have been generated. Cebaco Sunrise works to repair degraded soils by planting trees and creating plantations. Through this environment, Cebaco Sunrise offers tours with educational content, providing the opportunity to see the positive points of reforestation.