How to Get Here

Cebaco Sunrise is Located nearby Mariato’s coastline in the Province of Veraguas, Panama along the Western side of the Azuero Peninsula

To get to Cebaco Island we depart from Playa Reina since it is the closest point to Cebaco Island. Playa Reina is located on Mariato’s coastline often referred to as the “Sunset Coast”, thanks to the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific ocean. Other points to reach for Cebaco Island, but are a bit more further away are Playa Malena o Playa Torio, from Puerto Mutis (in the Gulf of Montijo), or from Playa Santa Catalina and Playa Icaco.

como-llegarWe can arrange exclusive transfer from the airport to Playa Reina. Otherwise, from the Tocumen airport, take a taxi/bus to the main train/bus station in the heart of the city, called “Albrook Mall”; from Albrook Mall, take a bus (Expressoveraguense) which takes about three hours to get to Santiago.

From Santiago we can arrange a transfer to Playa Reina.Otherwise, from Santiago take a small bus to Mariato. First, you will reach La Atalaya (which in my opinion have the most beautiful church in all Panama!), a rural community near Santiago, and then travel down the road for 45 minutes to Mariato, a village south of Veraguas.

From Mariato there is a 5-kilometer paved road to Playa Reina, where you will board the boat at the Puerto de los Valientes located at the mouth of the Río Negro (Black River). It will take 30 minutes in our boat to reach Cebaco Sunrise.

If you will be driving your own/rental car, we have reserved a private parking next to the port at a cost of $2.50 per day (not included)



Is important to know that Cebaco Island still remains really virgin. Therefore Cebaco Sunrise is located in an isolated location on the Island. Saying this, the only way to get around is by boat (provided by our local boats) and hiking.
From our spot you can reach -through the island- the nearest community in a 50 minutes’ walk (per way), crossing breathtaking beaches with dark and clear sand, small rivers and rocky formations.