Comprehensive care for energy harmonization in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields, through alternative medicine

Let’s take a couple of days and through guides, yoga and contemplations we will review what has happened, where we are internally and put the compass in the right direction to sow a new future.

holisticTherapist: Sandra Patricia Peláez Terranova, Master Reiki with training and experience in:

  • Energy harmonization (craniosacral, reflexology and digitopuncture, Reiki, aromatherapy and psionic radionics)
  • Vegetable medicine and Floral essences by Dr. Bach
  • Theology and Magic of Love
  • Meditation techniques.

More than 15 years of knowledge, applied in countries like Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Peru, Spain, Italy and USA.

Practicing the acquired knowledge in universities like Santiago de Cali, Techniques of Relaxation from University of Harvard and the International Red Cross. Also applying the teachings of teachers like Ricardo Regalado, Carlos Alberto Delgado, Dr. Alejandro Perez and Dr. Giancarlo Falco, homeopathic physician with whom we currently cooperates in Miami.

Holistic Sense delivers to its patients techniques for self healing

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