About Us

We are a family owned business located at Cebaco Island, ideal for nature lovers and created to give a new and unique tourism experience in Panama

We are a family owned business with many years of experience in the business of hosting and restaurants that will ensure the best care for you and your family.

aboutusWith over 12 years in Veraguas, especially in Cebaco Island, we are really familiar with the area, its opportunities and challenges. Our plans are made to offer activities with full contact with nature in comfortable facilities, clean, colorful and simple decor considering the environment where we are.

At Cebaco Sunrise we are aware that we depend on the natural environment that surrounds us and we are committed to maintaining our fragile eco-system. As our motto is to “leave no footprint behind”, Cebaco Sunrise practice separation of solid residuals (creating as little refuse as possible), Electricity is by solar panels, we use recycled and recyclable materials and eco-friendly cleaning materials which make the lodge eco-friendly.

The lodge is built in a forest few meters from the beach, with great diversity of flora. Focused on providing an environmental-friendly, individual experience, Cebaco Sunrise invites those who wish to experience solitude at its finest to be our guest!

We must emphasize that we have a very pleasant gastronomic experience with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients for you, indeed all who has visited us always makes emphasis on the delicious food. Bernardo, one of the owners of the Lodge, is a Chef with good experience and very well touch for seafood, vegetarian and local panamanian food using the most natural ingredients many of which come from the island and fresh fish sourced by local fishermen on a daily basis .

Our kitchen offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.Meals are complete with entrance, main and dessert . This is a highlight to be taken into account, because if it is true that the lodge has simple accommodation, the gastronomic experience has a very good level.