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Why choose Cebaco Sunrise Lodge?

Panama has over 477 miles of coastline bordering the Caribbean and 767 miles bordering the Pacific. It is also estimated that in the territorial waters of Panama there are more than 1000 islands.

Having so many wonderful opportunities to explore Panama, why would you want to visit Cebaco Sunrise? What makes Cebaco Sunrise different and worthy of your precious time?



Ideal for nature lovers. Our activities have been created to enjoy the beach and the forest to their maximum extent.


Be one with nature…

With an ample beach sprawling outside your window and a luscious green forest beckoning from your bedroom door, it’s easy to forget your worries.



Looking for serious rest and relaxation, give your body and mind the rejuvenation it needs. Meditate, daydream, read…This is the best choice to truly relax!

Cebaco Sunrise provides a truly unique experience for those seeking peace and solitude. We offer a break from the noise, traffic and irritations encountered on a daily basis.


Rooms and Facilities

In Summary we have:


Family Room 1

1 family type room for 3 or 4, with 1 double bed (full Size) and 1 bunk bed with private bathroom and terrace.


Private Double

2 double type rooms with double bed (Full Size) with balcony and 1 shared bathroom.


Private Cabana

2 independent cabins for 3 people, with double bed (full size) and 1 single bed, with private bathroom.


Family Room 2

1 family type room for 4 or 5, with 1 double bed (Queen Size), 1 bunk bed and 1 bed on the floor with private bathroom and terrace.



2 independent camping

Book this room today and reserve your spot.
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Thanks Bernardo for such good service! Beautiful place to appreciate nature and to totally relax, the food was delicious. 100% recommended ceviche and lobster...
Ari de la GuardiaSatisfied Customer